The rule book—info kit

4th edition September 2008
Reprinted with minor corrections June 2011

The rule book info kit is comprehensive and takes advantage of the full range of options under the CATSI Act. It includes extra information and notes to help corporations pick and tailor rules.

It is a longer document which includes set laws from the CATSI Act which cannot be changed (rules that apply to all corporations) as well as:

rule that must be completed rules that must be completed (special to that corporation)
rule that can be replaced rules that can be replaced
law that can be changed laws that can be changed
rule that are recommeded rules that are good governance ideas recommended by ORIC

The rule book info kit is for corporations who would like to tailor their rules but do not have assistance from lawyers. It suits most medium and large corporations who are familiar with legislation, need tailoring for unique circumstances, and would like to understand which parts of the CATSI Act influence how a rule book is written.