ORIC produces regular statistical reports about external administrations and complaints involving corporations.

The statistics provide a broad picture of corporate complaints and external administration activity in the sector across the entire country. We are also able to monitor these aspects of corporate performance over time.

The reports provide valuable context. For the Registrar and ORIC staff the reports help us to further our knowledge on issues in the sector which is used in ongoing and annual risk analysis to inform regulatory and support activities (for example by geography, operating sector, size, frequency or recurring issues).

For external stakeholders and the general public, these statistical reports provide an overview of external administration and complaints, which is useful for a vast range of reasons, many of which we cannot anticipate.

Complaints involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations

An overview of complaints about corporations submitted to the Registrar.

Published six-monthly.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations entering external administration

An overview of corporate insolvencies and external administrations.

Published annually.

How to interpret complaint statistics