Running a corporation

An Indigenous corporation is run by its own rule book and the CATSI Act. The rule book sets out what the corporation is there for, what it is able to do and how it is to be managed.

To run a corporation it's important that members and directors:

  • read and understand their rule book
  • follow their rule book and the CATSI Act
  • understand the corporation's money position and keep proper financial records
  • make sure meetings are run properly and regularly
  • make sure reports are lodged with ORIC each year
  • keep other records up-to-date, especially the register of members
  • keep contact details up-to-date with ORIC
  • put the ICN on all public documents, such as letterhead and cheques.

The Registrar provides a training program to help members and directors of corporations understand their roles, responsibilities and other corporate governance issues.

Remember you can ask the Registrar for information or help if you need it.