About the public register


Details of every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) are listed in a register maintained by the registrar.

What's in the register?

The register includes the corporation name and Indigenous corporation number (ICN), date of registration, name and address of the contact person or secretary. It also shows key public documents, such as the corporation's rule book, held by ORIC for a corporation. Corporations may request that personal information on these documents be amended or not be published electronically. If they have a justifiable concern, the Registrar may agree to the list being removed from the website or modified as requested by the corporation.

The ICN is not related to ABN, ACN, ARBN or ARSN numbers used by some corporations for other purposes.

At this stage ORIC’s online register shows a list of and link to key public documents held by ORIC for any corporation. 

Note: It is possible that an Indigenous corporation may trade under a business name, instead of its registered name. To find the trading name of a registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation, check the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website, or the individual websites for each state and territory jurisdiction.

Corporation extract report

A corporaiton's extract contains current information and a list of documents held on the public register about a corporation registered under the CATSI Act. Information contained in the report includes current corporation details, such as:

  • current and previous name
  • ICN
  • principal activities
  • size
  • contact details
  • current officers' details, such as details about the current contact person/secretary, directors
  • names of members—from the most recently-registered list of members (some of which may be suppressed)
  • information from annual reports from the last three years.

Contact person/secretary

For corporations in liquidation or under special administration the liquidator or special administrator will be listed as the contact person or secretary.

For a corporation that has not supplied ORIC with its contact person or secretary details, the contact person or secretary will be listed as 'not available'.

Using information in the register

The Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations includes information supplied by parties other than the registrar, therefore the registrar cannot guarantee that the information is accurate or up-to-date.

The registrar does not authorise the use of this register for putting a person’s name or address on a mailing list for advertising material. Unauthorised use of the information provided on this register may result in civil or criminal liability, including under the Privacy Act 1988.

The Registrar expressly disclaims any liability arising from the use of this register.

Deceased people

Please be aware that the public Register may contain the names of deceased people. The registrar strives to treat Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and beliefs with respect. We acknowledge that to some communities, it is distressing and offensive to name people who have died.

Open data

ORIC publishes some data about corporations on data.gov.au