Help with travel costs to attend training workshops

We cover full costs of course delivery and materials for all our training workshops. But we know sometimes people need financial help getting to and from a workshop. We have limited resources and cannot fund every request for assistance.  

Who can ask for it 

Applications are welcome from all directors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations, whose corporation’s registered size is small.

We will review your request and make a decision about what support we can provide, it may be full or partial support. In making this decision we take into account:

  • the estimated total value of your request
  • the distance between where you live and the workshop location--it must be the closest available training to you; we don't provide assistance to people who live locally, that is, within 100 km of the workshop location.
  • your corporation’s capacity to pay
  • if there are multiple people from your corporation requesting assistance we expect you to consider group transport (e.g. car pooling) or we may limit the number of people we can assist
  • previous support provided to your corporation
  • if you have previously undertaken a workshop run by us—including whether you completed it and whether you didn't show up without notifying us.

We do not provide travel assistance for workshops that run for one day or less.

What we pay for

Where we agree to help with travel costs we will cover the least expensive and most available form of public transport. This could be air, ferry, coach, train, bus or a combination of these.

Where it’s not practical to use public transport, we will consider private transport. You will need to explain why you could not use public transport. If it’s more practical to travel by public transport and you don’t, we may only pay you the equivalent amount of the cheapest public transport available.

If you miss your departure time and your fare is lost (forfeited), we won’t purchase you another fare. You will need to pay for another fare.

We don't pay for

We do not pay sitting fees, travel allowance, breakfast, dinner or room service. We cannot provide child care.

How we pay 

Pre-booked travel 

We may pre-book and pay for your travel by air, ferry, train or coach.

You’ll need to pay any extra travel costs we can’t pre-book, such as a local bus. You can claim reimbursement for this after your trip—keep your receipts.

Reimbursed travel

We will only reimburse travel expenses if we have agreed to in writing before the workshop. We will only reimburse up to the least expensive transport option. You’ll need to show us proof of your travel, including an itinerary and tax invoices.


If we agree to provide accommodation:

  • It will be on a twin share basis. We hope that people will be able to support each other while away from home.
  • You must be able to provide a security bond to the accommodation provider to cover any personal expenses—usually a holding fee on a credit card that is refunded to you if you don’t incur any personal expenses, or sometimes providers accept cash.

Any accommodation provided will be for the room stay only. It does not include any food or drinks i.e. breakfast, dinner, mini bar or room service. If you order these things you will need to cover the expenses yourself.