Corporation-specific training

Sometimes corporations need to work on something particular to their circumstances. ORIC offers a range of training activities that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the group or corporation requesting it. Workshops can be held all over Australia, usually at a corporation’s premises or within their community, or virtually too.

If there's something not on this list that you need please contact us to talk about whether we can design something together or put you in touch with someone else who can help or work with you. 

    How are the workshops structured?

    The workshops are tailored for each group or corporation. Workshops can be designed for as little as a few hours, a full day or multiple days. If we are well-informed of your circumstances in advance of the training, we can ensure the program is optimised to meet your needs.

    Things to think about

    • Who are the most relevant people in your corporation who should attend the workshop? e.g. directors, CEO etc
    • What kind of training do you want?
    • Is your rule book working for you? If not do you know what you want to change about it?
    • Are there particular governance challenges you would like help with?

    Who is it for?

    • This depends on the purpose and goals of your training. It may involve directors, future directors, members and key staff of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation or key stakeholders relevant to the issues to be covered.
    • Other interested people from groups thinking about registering under the CATSI Act.


    Our workshop and other training options focused on single corporations

    Starting a corporation (new groups or existing entities looking to transfer registration or amalgamate)

    This workshop provides an overview of what incorporation means, and the ongoing requirements for operating as a registered Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander corporation, and the registration process under the CATSI Act.

    Rule book design or redesign workshop

    This workshop covers what a rule book is, the requirements under the CATSI Act and provides examples of governance structures and rules. We then facilitate discussion and decision-making around rules for your corporation to prepare a draft rule book.

    Tailored training workshop for your board

    We can work with you to design and deliver a one-off training workshop to suit you. This is what most corporations request. In advance of the training we can negotiate to address specific issues in your corporation—and you can let us know which of the following modules are priorities for your corporation:

    • the structure of corporate governance
    • directors and the separation of responsibilities
    • financial management
    • meetings
    • members
    • planning
    • decision-making
    • dispute resolution

    Support and mentoring plan for your corporation

    We assist you to develop your own plan for learning and development activities over a period of time, usually six months.

    Upcoming courses

    This course is not currently scheduled.