Performance reporting

In 2016–17 ORIC developed a formal performance measurement framework. It describes how we measure the value of the work we do and provides the backbone for this yearbook.

Currently, we measure our performance by output, which helps us to understand the efficiency of our operations. Over the next five years we want to build capability to measure our impact on good governance and trust in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector—our outcomes.

In May 2017 ORIC published a corporate plan for the period 2017–20, which includes a roadmap for addressing six strategic initiatives. Goals for the period February to June 2017 were to:

  • form a risk working group and set its terms of reference
  • review ORIC staff work levels and capability
  • develop an annual forum for senior government staff to confer on issues and risks.

The first goal was achieved and is described in more detail in the section ‘Understand sector risks and issues’. The review of ORIC’s staff work levels was completed in August, and some of the more straightforward recommendations were implemented immediately. The third goal, to establish a senior-level forum, has been deferred until next financial year, although we have maintained our regular stakeholder engagement activities which are described in ‘Stakeholder engagement’.

As mentioned in the Registrar’s year in review ORIC’s performance was also the subject of two external reviews, by the ANAO and by KPMG, and for the most part it was found to be operating effectively and efficiently.