Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation

Ramahyuck staff

Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1992 after much hard work by local elders and the community. It was originally the name of one of the many missions established in Victoria in the late 1800s. Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation has had a rich and varied history (see their website at www.ramahyuck.org).

Ramahyuck is specifically recognised for its innovative approach to community needs. With a continued commitment to the Koori community, the corporation runs a variety of successful programs in primary health care, social and emotional wellbeing and community enterprise and engagement. It is the corporation’s aim to establish responsible, professional and dedicated services through viable business enterprise.

Ramahyuck’s current strategic focus on primary health care is delivered through the following key program areas:

  • Gippsland family practice clinic
  • Nindedana Quaranook Central Gippsland GP clinic
  • outreach clinics
  • allied health program
  • Aboriginal health promotion
  • midwifery program
  • child and family support program
  • Gippsland regional hearing program
  • oral health.

Through their work in these program areas, Ramahyuck strives to achieve the following important outcomes for the community:

  • provide holistic and affordable care for the Indigenous community
  • offer a range of allied health services which meet the critical health needs of the community
  • increase clients and the wider community’s understanding of how to maintain good health and a healthy lifestyle
  • provide comprehensive range of maternal and child health services
  • improve maternal and infant health outcomes in the community
  • improve hearing health outcomes within the community through an emphasis on early identification and intervention approaches
  • establish an oral health clinic that prioritises the needs of the community.

Gippsland regional hearing health program

Ramahyuck has a fully operational hearing health program which operates in conjunction with their general family practice in Sale to provide a comprehensive range of services for the Indigenous and wider community.

The clinic provides services to people not only the immediate surrounding region but also to regions stretching from East Melbourne, such as Frankston, Mornington, Dandenong and Healesville and up to Mallacoota in far East Gippsland.

The clinic employs two highly qualified practitioners and has state-of-the-art clinical equipment.

Ramahyuck’s health promotion programs are based on early identification and intervention to promote and encourage improved health outcomes.

History wall

A history wall commemorating the history of Ramahyuck and the work of its founder members was erected in 2008. It can be seen in the foyer of the clinic at 117 Foster Street in Sale. The history wall presents the story of Ramahyuck using forged coloured glass and stands as a strong visual element.

Ramahyuck history wall