Director briefing: ORIC and the eighth annual top 500 report

Australian Institute of Company Directors, Darwin, NT
26 October 2016
Anthony Beven

With more than 33 per cent of the top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations based in the Northern Territory, the AICD invited the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, to give an overview of key findings in the latest report.

Independence in the boardroom

National Native Title Conference 2015, Port Douglas, Qld
17 June 2015
Anthony Beven


The corporate governance environment in Australia is changing with a particular focus on board composition, policy frameworks and professional skills to improve the governance of organisations.

To succeed in this landscape corporations must have the necessary corporate governance arrangements as well as skills on their boards to discharge their duties and meet obligations under corporate law and government funding agreements.

There is no doubt that native title corporations face unique challenges in serving their communities. Corporations need to manage the conflict between the issues of mission and cultural obligation, and practicalities of operational and organisational sustainability.

Those charged with the task of leading a corporation need to have the right mix of skills, integrity and personal fortitude. There is significant responsibility and pressure bestowed on these people in their role as a director. They need to maintain a clear separation and an independent mind when performing their duties—which at times can be more difficult in an organisation embedded in a special cultural context.

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, will discuss:

  • the increased focus on board performance and accountability
  • the challenges for corporations to find directors with appropriate corporate or business skills
  • how corporations can leverage independence to strengthen governance, build capacity and improve board performance.

The top 500 report

2014 Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations Conference

1–2 December 2014
University of Western Australia Business School, Perth
Joe Mastrolembo


Torres Strait Regional Authority Sea Forum Summit, Cairns, Qld

23 January 2014

Anthony Beven and Jennifer Reuben

The top jobs - how much are they worth?

National Native Title Conference, Alice Springs, NT
3–5 June 2013
Anthony Beven


The positions of CEO and director in any organisation come with great responsibility and scrutiny. This is because the success or failure of an organisation often depends on the people appointed to these top jobs.

It is not surprising then, that when something does go wrong it is the CEO and the directors that are looked to for an explanation. In this process the payments made to the CEO and directors, including any salary and wages, are often under the spotlight.

Despite the responsibilities many directors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations volunteer their time as a service to their community.

So how does an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation choose the right people for the top jobs? Should directors be paid sitting fees to recognise the responsibility of their position? Do sitting fees attract directors with greater experience and qualifications? How much is the right amount to pay a CEO?

This paper will look at the importance of the CEO and directors in delivering good governance and the benchmarking of the remuneration for these positions.

Good governance in Indigenous corporations

2nd annual Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations Conference 2012
3–4 December, University of Western Australia, Perth
Joe Mastrolembo

Registrar's speech for LawHelp launch

LawHelp launch 2010
22 November, Canberra
Anthony Beven

Minister's speech for LawHelp launch

LawHelp launch 2010
22 November, Canberra
The Hon. Jenny Macklin

Compliance under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006

Native Title Conference 2009
3–5 June, Melbourne
Anthony Beven

Community stores in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

House of Representatives 2009
14 May, Canberra
Anthony Beven