Example: Directors' delegation to lodge information and changes with the Registrar

Directors are responsible for lodging reports and other information with the Registrar. They can delegate the power to lodge to someone else but they are still responsible for the reports and information that person lodges.

You can download an example of how directors might document a delegation allowing another person to lodge with ORIC.

If you would like a user account to be able to lodge information through the online lodgement website you'll need to provide a copy of your delegation to ORIC.

About directors delegating their powers

Section 274-10 of the CATSI Act allows directors to pass a resolution to delegate any of their powers to:

  • a committee of directors
  • a director
  • an employee of the corporation, or
  • any other person.

The delegate must exercise the powers delegated in accordance with any directions of the directors.

The exercise of the power by the delegate is as effective as if the directors had exercised it.

It’s a good idea—some corporations put rules in their rule books to require it—to put the delegation in writing setting out the delegation period and the delegated powers. They also require a delegate to report to directors when they exercise a delegated power.