Rule book design or redesign

Your rule book is your key governing document. It sets out the internal governance rules that apply to your corporation. It's important that it supports your corporation to practice good governance in a way that reflects your culture. 

In this workshop a facilitator explains the requirements of the CATSI Act and guides your group through discussion and decision-making to design your own rule book, or review your existing rule book. 

You'll learn about

  • why the rule book is so important
  • corporate governance structures
  • requirements for internal governance rules under the CATSI Act
  • types of rules under the CATSI Act
  • what's usually in a rule book
  • how to tailor your rules to reflect your traditional decision-making structures and practices

You will create

  • a draft rule book that you can continue to refine or present to your members for their consideration.

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed to be run with a board of directors or a working group assembled to review a rule book.

It's also useful for new groups looking to begin the registration process. It's usually combined with our starting a new corporation workshop as part of our pre-incorporation doorway service.


Depending on your circumstances this workshop may be run in one or two days.


We cover the costs of delivering the training and getting our trainers to you. 

We require the corporation or group to arrange a venue and provide catering as required.

How to request this workshop

Email: or freecall: 1800 622 431