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This form is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations who would like to advertise a job advertisement on our Corporation jobs list.

What happens when you return your form?

We'll check your request and if there any issues, we'll be in touch. Otherwise, we'll go ahead and publish your job ad.

Further information

If you need help completing this form or further information, call 1800 622 431 (not free from a mobile) or email


Corporation details
Person requesting the advertisement
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About the job vacancy
What are the duties and responsibilities of the role?
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(are there benefits attached to the position such as accommodation, access to a vehicle or travel allowances?)
How will the recruitment be done?
What factors will you use to evaluate applicants' suitability for the position?
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Eg, will the person be selected based on their application and an interview?
Person that applicants should contact about the job
Declaration by requesting officer

I, the person whose details appear in the ‘person requesting the advertisement’ section of this form, confirm that:

  1. I am authorised by the corporation, named in ‘corporation details’ section of this form, to submit this request to advertise on Corporation jobs.
  2. The corporation and I shall have no right of action against ORIC in any event arising from this request and potential advertisements placed on the ORIC website. I authorise ORIC to place information in this request on its website.
  3. It is my and the corporation’s responsibility to provide ORIC with any further information that may arise that is relevant to this request or the job advertisement once published on the ORIC website.
  4. ORIC reserves the right to remove any advertisement placed on its website if it becomes aware that any information provided by me or the corporation is false, misleading or incomplete.

ORIC provides recruitment guidance to corporations on its website.

Do you give permission for ORIC to use your job advertisement or description as a real life example as part of that guidance?