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  1. Registrar to reform Victorian native title corporation

    an independent examination of the corporation’s books in April 2017. It revealed irregularities in director ... Corporate Pty Ltd, as the special administrator until 15 December 2017. Media contact Lisa Hugg (02) 6146 ... 4738 ORIC MR1617-26 13 June 2017 Addendum (20 July 2017) On 14 June 2017 two former directors, Sandra

    Media Release | Created: 13 June 2017

  2. ORIC-review-final-report_Dec-2016.docx

    be achieved with any proposed increase in funding. An increase of ORIC’s funding base from 2017-18 is likely ... The Review’s high level analysis of each of ORIC’s support functions identified many positive features, noting ... ORIC should continue to offer corporate governance training to the members, directors and staff

    Available at: Regulating Indigenous Corporations

    Created: 7 July 2017

  3. Minister for Indigenous Affairs: Extra $4 million for ORIC to increase support for Indigenous corporations

    for ORIC to increase support for Indigenous corporations Wednesday, 5 July 2017 The Coalition Government ... “The review identified a need for more corporate governance training for those who want to do the right

    Media Release | Created: 7 July 2017

  4. 2015–16 Yearbook Performance reporting (pages 42–70)

    and corporations. FIGURE 13: Training workshops and courses by state/territory 2015–16 WA 18 21% NSW 19 23% SA 5 6% ... from all those who completed an ORIC training course. Participants reported either a significant ... and accredited training courses. The calendar comes out in May and lists the training dates, locations and venues

    Available at: ORIC yearbook 2015–16

    Created: 27 April 2017

  5. About the Registrar

    priorities for the first 18 months of his term. For the full interview see the attached file Interview ... Statement of expectations from Minister Scullion (2017) Statement of expectations from Minister Scullion ... (2017) Statement of intent from the Registrar (2017) Statement of intent from the Registrar (2017

    Created: 6 June 2013

  6. Fighting today for a better tomorrow

    when the free boxing training service he and his mates had been using closed unexpectedly. ... In Jesse's words: A few of us who had been going to the training went off the rails a bit. Jesse said it took ... Spotlight_TSM_StreetsAhead_660x371px.jpg Students in the Streets Ahead program train hard and learn how to use positive energy to seize

    Spotlight on | Created: 29 July 2017

  7. A significant place

    for visiting specialists, and training and education spaces. The corporation matched the Commonwealth funding ... 2017. Seeing it finally built was a powerful experience for James Glass, Chair of the corporation's ... of the significance of this building goes beyond the community. In June 2017 Kaunitz Yeung Architecture received

    Spotlight on | Created: 15 June 2017

  8. 17_0089_Factsheet_Members-rights_web_A4.pdf

    by the required number of members, see the following table. 17_0089_Factsheet_Members-rights.indd 2 17/09/2017 ... in mind that directors are also members they too, of course, have rights. Directors who face being removed ... 17_0089_Factsheet_Members-rights.indd 3 17/09/2017 3:22:39 PM RIGHT TO Access information Members have the right to ask quesƟ ons about

    Available at: Members' rights

    Created: 17 September 2017

  9. Making decisions

    17_0068_Oracle_header.gif Making decisions August 2017 Corporations need to make decisions so ... for it on Indigenous Business Direct. In the last 18 months they’ve spent $407 million on goods and services supplied ... OUT ONLINE: © 2017 ORIC ORIC Oracle: Making decisions ORIC and Supply Nation

    Created: 26 September 2017

  10. Regulating Indigenous Corporations

    a good job in the context of a challenging regulatory environment. There are many positive features

    Corporate | Created: 7 July 2017