Corporation specific training

On this page you will find more details about ORIC's corporation specific training.

What is this training about?

Corporation specific training is tailored to meet the individual requirements of the group or corporation requesting it. Workshops can be held all over Australia, usually at a corporation’s premises or within their community. The range of CST workshops include:

  • Pre-incorporation doorway service (including transfers and amalgamations)—this workshop looks at issues that affect a group becoming a legal body. It also gives information on the CATSI Act requirements and processes.
  • Rules design and re-design workshop—this workshop gives advice on rule requirements under the CATSI Act. It also provides examples of governance structures. ORIC facilitates discussion and decision-making about rules for the specific corporation. ORIC also helps the corporation draft and develop their rule book.
  • Corporation/post-administration governance training—this workshop is designed around good governance practices and processes. It can also address specific governance issues a corporation may have. Sometimes the workshops focus on underlying issues that might be disrupting the corporation’s operations.
  • Corporation support and mentoring—this program was initiated to support corporations over a six month period. It aims to support the corporation on an ongoing basis to achieve mutually agreed outcomes.

How are the workshops structured?

The workshops are tailored for each group or corporation. Usually they run for one or two days depending on the issue.

Cost Free
Contact Freecall: 1800 622 431
Dates and locations By request

Things to think about

  • Who are the most relevant people in your corporation who should attend the workshop? e.g. directors, CEO etc
  • What kind of training do you want?
  • Is your rule book working for you? If not do you know what you want to change about it?

Who can attend?

  • All directors, future directors, members and key staff of Indigenous corporations registered under the CATSI Act.
  • Other interested people from groups thinking about registering under the CATSI Act.

How to register your interest

Freecall: 1800 622 431

Upcoming courses

There is no upcoming training scheduled for these courses.