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Overdue corporation reports

Overdue reports? lodge online

Your 2014–15 reports had to be lodged by 31 December 2015. If you haven't yet sent in your corporation's reports, you could be facing prosecution or deregistration.

If you need more help with reports contact ORIC immediately.

Is your corporation in breach?

breachList of corporations in breach with 2014–15 reporting requirements (XLS)—last updated 15 June 2016.

Keep your members list updated all year round

Updating your list as changes happen will make the task of lodging your general report each year much quicker—especially if you have lots of members in your corporation.

Use the online forms ‘List of names and addresses of members’ and the ‘General report’ to:

  • view up to 100 names per page—in this list you can add, cease and edit member details
  • sort your lists of members and directors alphabetically by their names.