Dispute resolution

Well-managed disputes can strengthen your corporation and improve member and community confidence. Unfortunately when disputes are handled poorly they can significantly affect a corporation, its members and everyday business.

ORIC’s dispute resolution service can help you sort it out. ORIC has staff who have expertise in good governance and dispute management.

ORIC works with disputing parties to design a dispute response which is most suited to the corporation’s needs.

Ways we can help manage disputes by providing:

  • an advisory opinion—a formal letter giving an opinion about the situation in dispute
  • advice—by telephone, face-to-face or email to try to quickly fix issues that are not too complex
  • conferencing—facilitated informal meetings of parties involved in the dispute
  • ORIC staff—to attend corporation meetings as observers, to present information or provide advice.

All corporations should have a rule about dispute resolution in their rule book. You should check yours to see what it says about disputes. Contact ORIC if you need help.

For more information on dispute resolution see policy statement 22 or our fact sheet on dispute resolution.

Got a question?  Call ORIC on 1800 622 431 or email info@oric.gov.au