How can a corporation (or other entity) apply for help through LawHelp?

  1. Read the LawHelp guidelines (PDF, 168kb).
  2. Make sure your corporation (or entity) approves of your plan to apply for help through LawHelp on its behalf.
  3. Fill in the application form (Word, 55kb) and sign it.
  4. Attach all relevant documents to your application.
  5. Send the application form and relevant documents to the address on the application form (LawHelp secretariat).
  6. The LawHelp assessment panel will determine the outcome of your application and let you know.

If you need help to fill in the application form, contact the LawHelp secretariat on 1800 622 431 (not free from mobiles) or

What happens when an application is successful?

If your application is approved, the LawHelp secretariat will send a copy of the application and supporting documents to a lawyer. The lawyer will contact you to provide legal help.

What happens when an application is not successful?

If the corporation (or entity) does not qualify for help under the LawHelp guidelines, the LawHelp secretariat will return your application and other documents. LawHelp will, however, keep a record of the application to monitor and evaluate LawHelp’s success. The corporation (or entity) will also receive a written explanation of the reasons for the decision.

With the corporation's (or entity’s) permission, LawHelp may forward your application to another pro bono organisation.


Pro bono comes from the latin ‘pro bono publico’ meaning for the public good. Pro bono legal services usually mean free or almost free legal help.