Special administration of Palm Island corporation extended until 30 June 2013

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Mr Anthony Beven, has today announced that the special administration of the Coolgaree Aboriginal Corporation for CDEP will be extended until 30 June 2013.

The corporation was placed under special administration on 18 October 2012 for six months after a majority of board members requested assistance from the Registrar. Mr Alan Eldridge from the New South Wales-based firm of Australian Indigenous Business Services was appointed as the special administrator.

The corporation has played an important role as one of the largest employers on Palm Island in Queensland through its role as a Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) service provider and owner of various small businesses. Currently the corporation is waiting to hear the outcome of its joint tender (with Campbell Page and the Palm Island Community Company) to provide services under the new Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP).

‘The special administrator has already made good progress and restructured the corporation to position it to take on RJCP,’ Mr Beven said. ‘Whether or not the RJCP tender is successful, I consider it is important that the special administrator is in place to assist the corporation with its business transition in the lead up to the CDEP program ending on 30 June 2013.’

For more information about this matter please see the Registrar’s media release of 19 October 2012 (ORIC MR1213-13).

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3 May 2013

Special administrators
Alan Eldridge
Phone: (02) 6971 0710
Email: alan.eldridge@eldridge.com.au