Registrar to support the home of x-ray art

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Selwyn Button, has today placed the Injalak Arts & Crafts Aboriginal Corporation (Injalak) under special administration.

Injalak is an Aboriginal-owned not-for-profit social enterprise based in Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) in West Arnhem Land. Injalak has been a leading art centre since 1989. It operates a remote community arts centre best known for its distinctive ‘x-ray art’ and specialises in cultural tourism experiences. Injalak has approximately 200 active Kunwinjku speaking members and employs over 20 Indigenous staff.

In July 2018 Injalak established a multi-purpose retail, gallery and workshop space in Darwin known as Provenance Arts. The space is designed to showcase and share remote arts and cultures and build an audience for, and awareness of, fair trade in Indigenous goods and services.

Injalak has for many years traded strongly with increased growth and the forecast indicates it will continue to do so. However it has recently overextended itself through some large-scale projects placing significant pressure on its financial position.

On 11 February 2019, Injalak members met and passed a resolution to transfer Injalak’s registration from the Associations Act (Northern Territory) to the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). On the same day, the directors wrote to the Registrar asking for the appointment of a special administrator.

‘Special administration is a unique form of regulatory assistance available only under the CATSI Act,’ Mr Button said. ‘A special administrator can provide professional assistance to reset Injalak’s financial position and review governance structures to reduce risk of a similar financial crisis arising in the future.’

‘The members and directors of Injalak have made a move to do what’s best for their organisation and their broader community,’ Mr Button said. ‘Trouble can strike even the most experienced and successful organisations. I applaud the directors for recognising their predicament and showing courage to ask for help to recover from it.’

The special administrator will work with various stakeholders including key funding bodies to find the best solutions for the long-term health of the corporation.

The Registrar has appointed Mr Jack James and Ms Paula Smith as joint special administrators of the corporation until August 2019.

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21 February 2019