Registrar obtains further convictions for non-lodgment

A further 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations have recently been convicted and fined for not lodging their annual returns for the 2010–11 financial year. Five of the corporations are located in Queensland, four in the Northern Territory and one in New South Wales.

One corporation in Queensland has been fined a record sum of $13,300 for a continuing offence. It was also prosecuted in 2011 for not lodging its annual returns.

The prosecutions form part of an ongoing campaign by the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, to maintain high reporting levels among corporations registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006.

‘Lodging annual returns is important in ensuring the public database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations is accurate and up-to-date,’ said Mr Beven. ‘The vast majority of corporations do the right thing and only a small number are prosecuted―last year 96 per cent of all corporations met their reporting obligations.’

Annual returns for the 2011–12 financial year were due to be lodged by
31 December 2012. The Registrar’s prosecution campaign for the 2011–12 financial year will commence in February. Corporations with outstanding returns should ensure that they are lodged immediately or they may be referred for prosecution.

The corporations recently before the courts were:

Corporation Location Fine
Palm Island Rodeo Indigenous Corporation (ICN 7259) Palm Island, Qld $1,500
Jinna Nudpi Aboriginal Corporation for Arts (ICN 4698) Palm Island, Qld $1,500
Mackay Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Alternative Care and Foster Care Services (ICN 2261) Mackay, Qld $13,300
Cassowary Coast Sporting Indigenous Corporation (ICN 7282) Tully, Qld $1,500
Gkuthaarn Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 1999) Normanton, Qld $3,000
Werne Ngal Karan Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 825) Mornington Island, Qld $250
Yuyung Nyannung Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 3545) Darwin, NT Nil (No convinction)
Dordluk Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 7103) Barunga, NT $1,000
Amangarra Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 2065) Darwin, NT $1,000
Anhelke Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 535) Alice Springs, NT $500
South Coast NSW Aquaculture Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 4533) Batemans Bay, NSW $2,000

The matters were prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

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17 January 2013