Registrar assists Orana Haven

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, is helping the directors of the Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation to strengthen operations and improve corporate governance.

The corporation, based at Gongolgon in far north-western New South Wales, operates a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

On 6 May 2010, the directors of the corporation wrote to the Registrar requesting the appointment of a special administrator to resolve some corporate governance and operational problems.

‘This is one of our oldest corporations. For many years it has provided an important service for Aboriginal people living in north-western New South Wales. I am pleased the directors have approached me and I am able to help,’ Mr Beven said.

‘The special administrator and my office will work closely with the corporation’s directors and members to improve the corporation’s internal systems and procedures, its standard of service delivery and corporate governance structure,’ Mr Beven added.

The Registrar has appointed Mr Andrew Bowcher and Mr Tim Gumbleton from RSM Bird Cameron as joint special administrators for the duration of the special administration period.

Mr Bowcher can be contacted on (02) 6921 9055 or 0429 779 079.
Mr Gumbleton can be contacted on (02) 6921 9055 or 0418 919 882.

Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation was incorporated under the former Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976 on 25 October 1979. On 1 July 2007 it became a transitional corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (the CATSI Act).

Special administration is a special measure under CATSI Act. For more information see ORIC’s fact sheet Special administrations: what members and directors should know.


Sayuri Piper on (02) 6219 7658          
7 June 2010
ORIC MR 0910-32