Registrar assists island arts centre

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed the Mirndiyan Gununa Aboriginal Corporation under special administration.

Founded in 1973, and incorporated in 1983 as Woomera Aboriginal Corporation, Mirndiyan Gununa organises, presents and promotes the traditional culture of the Lardil and Kaidilt people of Mornington Island—especially dance and visual arts—and employs artists and teachers to that end. The corporation receives funding for its activities from the Commonwealth and Queensland governments.

Mornington Island is the largest of the Wellesley Islands, a group of 23 islands in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland.

On 2 September 2016 the directors wrote to the Registrar raising concerns about the centre’s operations, management and financial position, and requested assistance through the appointment of a special administrator. An examination of the books of the corporation by the Registrar  confirmed some of the directors’ concerns.

‘The directors at Mirndiyan Gununa are to be congratulated on their commitment to their arts centre, which is an important cultural and community hub on the island,’ Mr Beven said. ‘They have tried to strengthen governance arrangements themselves, and as a last resort have asked for assistance from my office.’

The Registrar has appointed Mr Brian Woods from the Cairns-based firm, DFK Kidsons Pty Ltd, as special administrator until 31 July 2017.

The special administrator will work with the corporation’s members to improve the governance and financial position of the arts centre and its accountability to the members.

Media contact
Lisa Hugg
(02) 6146 4738
ORIC MR1617-15
31 January 2017

Special administrator
Brian Woods
(07) 4031 1390
DFK Kidsons Pty Ltd