Pilbara native title corporation returns to members and core business

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Selwyn Button, has today announced the end of the special administration of Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation RNBTC.

Based in Paraburdoo in Western Australia, the corporation manages the native rights and interests of the Yinhawangka people across 12,000 kilometres of the central Pilbara. Most of its income derives from mining royalties through the Yinhawangka Trust.

The Registrar placed the corporation under special administration on 16 May 2019 after an examination of the books identified governance issues. Among the issues were disputes between directors that were interfering with the operations of the corporation.

Prior to the special administration, the corporation operated a medical centre in Karratha as a wholly-owned subsidiary. At the time of the appointment of a special administrator, the medical clinic had closed its doors and there was uncertainty about whether it could endure. Staff were still being paid and creditors were still owed money. The special administrator found that the medical centre was not a viable business for the corporation and succeeded in closing it permanently and paying all its outstanding debts.

The special administrator has recruited a permanent chief executive officer, implemented a simplified restructure of the corporation and redrafted all employment contracts, removing any clauses they found to be adverse for the corporation.

'Decisions made by former directors and managers had raised concerns for the trustee’, said Mr Button. ‘Now, the corporation has returned to its core business, to focus on protecting the rights and interests of Yinhawangka native title holders.’

The Registrar’s office will monitor the corporation over the next 12 months and offer corporate governance training for the new directors.


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21 February 2020