ORIC yearbook: reflects on successes

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Mr Anthony Beven, has today released his 2011–12 yearbook.

The yearbook reflects on the highlights and the goals achieved in the past five years; it also takes a considered look at the challenges that lie ahead.

The 2011–12 financial year saw another high compliance rate of 96.21 per cent, a small increase on the 96.0 per cent of the previous year. ‘This is the highest ever percentage of corporations meeting their statutory reporting obligations,’ said Mr Beven. ‘It is also pleasing that more corporations are lodging their annual returns earlier and 42 per cent are lodging electronically.’

The 2011–12 year also saw the Registrar involved in litigation in the High Court, the Federal Court and numerous state and territory courts. This reflects a new approach by the Registrar in recent years to take action quickly when breaches of corporate governance are identified.

Other achievements highlighted in the yearbook include:

  • research publications: At the heart of art—a snapshot of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations in the visual arts sector and the third top 500 report
  • registration of 173 new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups
  • 11 special administrations started and nine successfully completed
  • 61 formal examinations completed
  • delivery of corporate governance training to 629 participants from 154 corporations.


Current legislation does not require the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations to provide an annual report. The Registrar provides information in a yearbook for people who are interested in the work of his office.

The yearbook can be viewed on the ORIC website at www.oric.gov.au.

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Patricia Gibson
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10 October 2012
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