Native title corporation handed back to members

The Queensland-based Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC), Dhubbi Warra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, was handed back to the control of its members today.

The corporation was registered in 1996 to hold and manage native title for Dhubbi Warra country. Special administrators were appointed in September 2008, because the Registrar was concerned that the corporation had not held annual general meetings, had not lodged its annual reports and had other membership issues.

The Deputy Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Mr Joe Mastrolembo, said that the special administrators have made improvements to corporate governance structures for the corporation including clarifying membership rules and updating the register of members.

‘The register of members is a very important document that corporations need to keep updated. It can help resolve any disputes about who is a member,’ Mr Mastrolembo said.

The special administrators, Mr Gerry Mier and Mr Tony Jonsson from the Cairns-based firm of KPMG, reported that the corporation members were very pleased that the Registrar made the appointment. ‘There is rejuvenated attitude among the whole membership,’ they said.

The corporation held an annual general meeting on 23 March 2009 and elected new directors to take control at the end of the special administration. The directors are Mr Clarry Bowen, Mr Harold Bowen, Ms Barbara Darkan, Ms Dora Gibson, Mr Lloyd Bambie, Ms Christine Gibson, Mr Andrew Darkan, Mr Timothy McGreen, Ms Kathi Gibson-Steffensen, Mr Neville Bowen Jnr, Ms Delores Darkan and Mr Ronald Bowen. Ms Kathi Gibson-Steffensen has also been appointed as the contact person of the corporation.

ORIC will run corporate governance training for the directors and other interested people in May 2009.


Corporations established to hold and manage native title need safeguarding against corporate failure because of their special role. Appointing a special administrator is one mechanism the Registrar can use to help corporations through difficult times.

Lisa Donnelly
02 6219 7611
31 March 2009
ORIC MR0809–20