Mungullah better prepared for the future

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, is pleased to announce the end of the special administration for Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation. A number of changes have been made to the Carnarvon-based corporation which will help build capacity and improve performance.

Five new directors have been appointed by the special administrator. They will hold office until the annual general meeting due to be held before November. The directors are:

Mr Dennis Jones
Mr William Merritt
Mr Dadawarra (Darcy) Harris
Mr Dwayne Noble
Ms Kathleen Taylor

Mungullah was placed under special administration on 10 May 2010 following a request to the Registrar by the corporation’s directors. At the time the corporation was in serious financial difficulties. The directors sought the Registrar’s assistance in planning for a sustainable future.

Mungullah provides community housing, recreational and educational services. It also holds long-term pastoral leases over two properties—Gilroyd Station and Towrana Station and has an interest in a building and construction firm, Gascoyne Asset Maintenance Ltd (GAML).

During the special administration the lease term for Gilroyd Station has been renewed for a further 49 years to sustain a recreational program while Towrana Station has been identified as a site for a youth justice program. The special administrator has also made structural changes to GAML. It will, however, continue to support Mungullah.

‘The special administrator has made structural changes that should result in the corporation being able to better serve its members and the broader community,’ Mr Beven said.

4 April 2011
Contact: Donna Murray
(02) 6219 7658
Ref: ORIC MR1011-27