Larrakia nation under special administration

The Deputy Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Joe Mastrolembo, today placed the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation under special administration.

The corporation is a large community service organisation based in Darwin that runs night patrols and helps transport people back to their homelands. It also carries out art programs, ranger services and aged-care, after school and vacation care support.

In August 2010, following an ongoing dispute between the directors, the Registrar conducted an examination of the corporation’s books. The subsequent examination report identified several breaches of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) and the corporation’s rule book. The report also noted that the dispute between the directors was having a serious impact on the corporation’s governance.

On 9 September 2010 a majority of directors wrote to the Registrar requesting the appointment of a special administrator.
Mr Mastrolembo has agreed to this request. ‘Appointing a special administrator will ensure the important services the corporation provides are not disrupted and will continue to be of benefit to the community.’

‘The special administration will address the corporation’s current issues, including the dispute, before handing back control to its members,’ said Mr Mastrolembo.
The special administrator, Mr Geoffrey Finch from the Darwin-based office of KPMG, can be contacted on (08) 8982 9000 or 0407 257 669.

Special administration is a special measure under the CATSI Act. For more information see ORIC’s fact sheet: Special administrations: what members and directors should

8 October 2010
Contact: Sayuri Piper
Tel: (02) 6219 7658
Ref: ORIC MR1011-12