Kimberley corporation back in shape

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has announced that the special administration of the Woolah Aboriginal Corporation (Woolah), in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, will end today.

Established in 1980, Woolah has for many years helped to develop the community and provide essential services, such as health, housing and education, and job opportunities.

In January 2016 the Registrar placed Woolah in special administration after an examination of the corporation’s records revealed it was in need of support.

‘The problems at Woolah have been challenging, mainly because of a number of community issues that affected its governance,’ said Mr Beven. ‘But the special administration has put in place some long-term practical solutions that have the corporation well‑placed for the future.’

The Doon Doon roadhouse, owned by a subsidiary of Woolah, was sold in recent months. The popular stopping place for travellers on the Great Northern Highway had been poorly managed for a number of years. ‘Just keeping the roadhouse running caused a serious financial drain on Woolah’s own funds for the past few years,’ said Mr Beven. ‘So it’s a good outcome that the roadhouse has been sold to an experienced operator that will be able to keep it open.’

During the special administration, repairs to an old homestead in the community were also completed. Woolah now has a functional multi-purpose facility to use for a range of community activities, including its after school care and homework programs.

The corporation’s rule book has been revised and a new board of member directors appointed. The corporation’s rule book also now provides for an independent non‑member director to be appointed to the board.

‘Woolah is a long-established corporation that has for many years delivered important services to the local community,’ said Mr Beven. ‘Although there have been some difficult issues to sort through the special administration has ensured that Woolah is now in much better shape.’

The Registrar’s office will monitor the corporation closely over the next 12 months and also offer governance training to the new directors as soon as practical.

For more information please see media release of 18 January 2016: ORICMR1516-11.

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31 August 2016