Help for Ramingining Homelands Resource Centre

The directors of the Ramingining Homelands Resource Centre Aboriginal Corporation (RHRCAC) have asked the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, for help in getting the corporation’s financial affairs back in order.

Mr Beven has today appointed Mr Austin Taylor and Mr Stuart Reid from Meertens as the joint and several special administrators of RHRCAC.

The corporation, based in Ramingining in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, delivers the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) program in Ramingining and surrounding communities. The corporation also provides the only public fuel outlet in Ramingining.

An examination of the corporation by the Registrar’s office in October 2010 found the corporation was unable to produce up-to-date financial records to the Registrar or the directors. Recently the corporation was unable to pay the wages of their CDEP participants and the directors requested assistance from the Registrar.

‘Over many years RHRCAC has been a well-respected corporation with a proven track record so it is particularly unfortunate that it is now in financial difficulty,’ said Mr Beven. ‘Yet I commend the directors for seeking help from my office at an early stage. We can now work together to rebuild the corporation.’

Procedures put in place by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs will ensure that CDEP participants can receive income support over the holiday season until normal services are resumed at RHRCAC in early January 2011.

‘Restoring services and establishing the corporation’s financial position will be the priority tasks for the special administrators in the early phase of their appointment,’ Mr Beven said.

Contact details for the special administrators are: Mr Austin Taylor (08) 8418 8900 or email and Mr Stuart Reid (08) 8923 9239 or email

23 December 2010
Contact: Donna Murray
0427 259 789
Ref: ORIC MR1011-20