Githabul under special administration

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, today announced that Githabul Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC has been placed under special administration.

The corporation is based in Lismore, New South Wales, and is registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. Its main objective is administering land on behalf of the Githabul people.

On 29 November 2007 the Federal Court made a consent determination recognising the Githabul people’s native title rights and interests over 1,120 square kilometres. The land is spread across nine national parks and 13 state forests in northern New South Wales.

The Registrar decided to place Githabul Nation Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC under special administration after the Registrar’s office received a number of complaints from members about the way the corporation was conducting its affairs.

‘Following an examination of the corporation’s books and records some serious governance concerns have come to light,’ said Mr Beven.

The examiner’s report revealed that the corporation has not maintained accurate membership records, it has not held an annual general meeting within the required timeframe for over three years, and it has not kept proper financial records. The last time it lodged an annual return was for the year ended 30 June 2012.

The Registrar has appointed Mr Peter McQuoid from the Brisbane-based firm of PDM Consultancy as the special administrator for a period of six months.

‘This corporation was established to manage the native title rights of the Githabul people and to represent their interests,’ said Mr Beven. ‘These are important responsibilities and for this reason I want to see the special administrator help the corporation put its affairs back in order as soon as possible.’

Media contact
Patricia Gibson
(02) 6146 4743
ORIC MR1415-01
17 July 2014

Special administrator
Peter McQuoid
(07) 3289 2596
0435 018 879