Central Highlands Aboriginal Corporation under special administration

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed the Central Highlands Aboriginal Corporation under special administration.

An examination by the Registrar’s office revealed serious deficiencies in the standard of corporate governance and financial management over the past two years.

Located in Emerald in Queensland’s Central Highlands, the corporation’s primary role is managing and delivering housing services to the Aboriginal community. The corporation owns eight properties, seven houses and a complex of four units.

The Registrar has appointed Mr Glenn Walker of Walker Reid as the special administrator. Mr Walker will work closely with the corporation’s members and other stakeholders to improve the operations and governance of the corporation.

‘This is a corporation that provides an important source of community housing,’ Mr Beven said. ‘Housing is fundamental for any person seeking to establish a level of stability. Without a firm home base it is hard for people to maintain good health or to engage in education, training or employment.’

One of the key objectives of the special administration will be to ensure that the corporation has proper processes in place for the management of the houses, including how they are allocated.

ORIC will also provide corporate governance training to the new directors of the corporation that will be appointed when the special administration ends. Special administration is a special measure under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). Please see ORIC’s fact sheet Special administrations: what members and directors should know xxx for more information.

Contact special administrator Glenn Walker (07) 5494 3744 or 0408 739 404

23 December 2010
Contact: Donna Murray
0427 259 789
Ref: ORIC MR1011-21