Amundurrngu Mt Liebig Community Store

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed the Amundurrngu Mt Liebig Community Store (Aboriginal Corporation) under special administration.

Mr Tony Grieves of the Canberra-based firm of WalterTurnbull has been appointed as special administrator.

The corporation owns and manages the store in the remote community of Mt Liebig which is located approximately 260 kilometres west of Alice Springs.

The Registrar conducted an examination of the corporation’s books in August 2009. It revealed some serious breaches of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) and the rules of the corporation, such as not holding an annual general meeting for the 2008 financial year and not managing its membership records properly. The examiner also found that there was an ongoing dispute among members and directors which affected the governance of the corporation.

'The appointment of a special administrator is needed to improve the corporate governance practices of the corporation. The special administrator will also work with the members to see if the operations of the corporation can be improved. ORIC will run corporate governance training for the members during the course of the special administration. If required, ORIC will also help the members resolve the dispute,’ Mr Beven said.

The special administrator can be contacted on (02) 6247 6200, 0416 083 748 or fax number (02) 6257 6655.


Special administration is a special measure under the CATSI Act. See ORIC’s fact sheet Special administrations: what members and directors should know for more information.


Christa de Jager on 6219 7645 or
Lisa Donnelly on (02) 6219 7611,
21 October 2009
ORIC MR0910-12