Newsletter May 2015: Choosing your directors (centre spread)

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Looking to the future: Nyikina elder John Watson (centre) from Nyikina Mangala Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 7003) and Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 616) with boys on a Yiriman trip to Yarri Yarri in 2012. The Yiriman project encourages young people to search for cultural knowledge, realise their potential and contribute to their communities. Similar motivations apply to corporation directors.

NOTE: In May 2014, the Nyikina Mangala people celebrated the recognition of their native title claim over 26,000 square kilometres of the west Kimberley, including the lower Fitzroy River. Photo: Scott Herring


The Yiriman project

The Yiriman project is an inter-generational, ‘on-country’ cultural program, conceived and developed by elders from four Kimberley language groups—Nyikina, Mangala, Karajarri and Walmajarri.

It began because the elders saw that many young people needed to be separated from harmful influences in their lives and helped to reconnect with their culture and identity.

Using the power of culture to heal, the elders take small groups of young people out on to country, travelling by foot, camel or vehicle, to give them the time they need to learn about themselves. The elders teach and speak in language and open the groups to a variety of experiences, such as visiting ancestral sites, story-telling, traditional song and dance, and preparing them for ceremony and law practices. Further, the young people learn traditional crafts and skills, such as tracking, hunting, preparing bush tucker, practising bush medicine, and how to pass on knowledge to the generations that follow.

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Becoming a director

Corporations should prepare for when the time comes to elect new directors to their boards. The best idea is to have a succession plan.

The role of a director is a very responsible job and is not suited to everyone—but if you have the capacity and skills put yourself forward.

  1. As a corporation member you can nominate yourself.
  2. If you decide to nominate you must send an agreement (your consent) in writing to the corporation.
  3. Election of the board: New directors are usually appointed by the members through a vote at the AGM—but rules vary so check what your rule book says.
  4. Once new directors are appointed, the corporation must inform the Registrar's office within 28 days.

Note: If a director wants to resign before their term is up they must do so in writing.

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