Ranger (three positions)

Gunggandji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

Gunggandji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Yarrabah, Queensland. It holds and manages the native title and cultural heritage rights and interests of the Gunggandji people.

The corporation’s mission is to create a strong, healthy and economically sustainable community for the Gunggandji people and to protect the natural resources of Gunggandji country. It runs a successful Commonwealth funded land and sea ranger program and provides a range of cultural heritage services.

Closing date: 

5pm, 12 February 2021


Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)



Job category: 

  • Project officer roles

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 


Job description/overview: 

Located in Yarrabah near Cairns the Ranger positions (Ranger and Ranger/TUMRA Coordinator) are responsible for protecting and managing the land and sea country of the Gunggandji people. You will work closely with traditional owners and other local organisations in Yarrabah to deliver the working on country program and protect the natural resources of Gunggandji country and waters.

You will need to have experience working on country or in remote locations and complying with cultural protocols. As part of their work Gunggandji rangers are required to operate a ranger vessel, 4WDs, ATVs and outdoor power equipment. You must have experience in operating such equipment within workplace health and safety guidelines.

You will also be required to hold or have the ability to obtain a valid ‘C’ Class drivers licence, coxswain ticket, a blue card and an accredited qualification in conservation and land management.

Two positions are permanent full-time. The third position is for a ranger/TUMRA coordinator, part-time—3 days per week.

The filling of these vacancies is a special measure under section 8(1) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. As such the positions are only open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Contact person and how to apply: 

Written applications and a resume must be submitted to RangerCoordinator@GunggandjiYarrabah.org.au or 13 Smith Street, Yarrabah QLD 4871 by 5.00pm on Friday, 12 February 2021.

For the selection criteria and further information please contact the acting ranger coordinator, on (07) 4056 9126 or RangerCoordinator@GunggandjiYarrabah.org.au

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