Chief executive officer & office manager (seeking a couple)

Yungngora Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

Yungngora (also referred to as Noonkanbah Station) is a medium‐sized Aboriginal community in the Kimberley region in northern Western Australia, situated approximately 280 km east‐south‐east of Broome and 100 km south‐west of Fitzroy Crossing.

Yungngora is a culturally‐based community, which is striving to maintain traditional culture, values and leadership to address diverse and complex matters affecting its future within a region that potentially offers many opportunities for social and economic advancement, including the pastoral industry, oil and gas and other mining possibilities.

The Yungngora Aboriginal Corporation (RNTBC) is seeking an appropriately qualified and experienced couple to fill the roles of CEO and Office manager. These two important positions are pivotal to the well‐being and future social and economic development of this remote and independent community of over 400 people.

Closing date: 

5pm, 19 February 2021


Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)


Yungngora via Fitzroy Crossing
Western Australia

Job category: 

  • Executive

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 

CEO $110–130,000 per annum

Office manager $80–90,000 per annum

Job description/overview: 

The corporation has a strong preference to recruit a couple as their experience is that the community is best served by a couple who can provide mutual support and stability in this very remote situation.

The preferred highly skilled CEO and Office manager team will possess all the technical skills, knowledge and experience required to successfully manage the municipal services and diverse organizational operations of this complex remote self‐managed community.  They will also demonstrate a deep commitment to the advancement of the Yungngora community and its members.

Contact person and how to apply: 

Download a copy of the Expression of Interest for more information about the positions and how to apply or contact Alan Stewart on 0417 932 246 or email: 


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