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Our culturally-appropriate health and wellbeing services provide community members with a full range of services to help address general health and identified Aboriginal health issues such as chronic disease, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor diet and nutritional health, eye health, ear health, contagious diseases, drug and alcohol related issues, mental health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our medical centre provides quality care with specialist services from visiting podiatrists, cardiologists, dieticians and physiotherapists.

Biripi helps families and individuals to access and participate in Aboriginal community activities, programs and events. We also encourage families and the wider community to participate in health promotion activities such as dental check-ups, medical checks and other services.

Closing date: 

11pm, 16 July 2018


Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


New South Wales

Job category: 

  • Project officer roles

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 

Not yet specified (depends on qualifications / certificates)

Salary packaging options are available in this position, Opportunity to work in an Aboriginal Health organisation, and to work with the local Biripi community.

This position is classified as an “Identified Position” and as such is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designated and authorised under section 14D of the NSW Anti-Discrimination ACT 1977

Job description/overview: 

This position is designed to support the Social, Emotional and Wellbeing team. Assisting clients with access to services and addressing their health needs in line with funding parameters.

The key responsibilities include:

  •  Providing health promotion and education to clients
  •  Participating in group work facilitation and development, advocacy and community development
  •  Providing evidence based interventions to address a range of health issues such as mental health and poor social emotional wellbeing
  •  Managing client assessment, support and referral pathways
  •  Working with the team to reduce family and community disconnection and increase quality of life for clients
  •  Attending home visits for clients as identified with funding parameters
  •  Liaising with the psychologist and counsellor in your team to assist with follow up and support of clients
  •  Working collaboratively with clients to identify their needs, set goals and develop a plan to meet those goals
  •  Providing input into development and presentation of culturally appropriate health promotion material
  •  Auditing client files
  •  Attending case conferencing.
  •  Attending weekly team meetings and providing monthly reports to your manager
  •  Assisting the team with administration support
  •  Entering all client appointments in Best Practice
  •  Providing transport to clients if required
  •  Recording all client contact in Best Practice
  •  Organising and participating in community events
  •  Engaging with clients and their families to develop trusting and professional relationships
  •  Developing and promoting best practice models of service delivery in compliance with Biripi ACMC policy and procedures.

Contact person and how to apply: 

Human Resources Officer, telephone 02 6591 2418; email

Please note: To be considered for this role your application MUST include a brief statement against each of the selection criteria and a resume with 2 referees. Applications that do not address selection criteria WILL NOT be considered .

You can download a copy of the selection criteria and position desciption at

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