Records and information coordinator

Goldfields Land and Sea Council

Goldfields Land and Sea Council Aboriginal Corporation (GLSC) is the principal voice for Aboriginal people from the Goldfields–Esperance region on matters to do with land and waters, governance, social and economic development, heritage and other matters of justice. GLSC is the federal government-appointed Native Title Representative Body for the region, enjoying widespread support from communities, organisations and individuals throughout.

Closing date: 

5pm, 31 March 2017


Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)


Western Australia

Job category: 

  • Corporate business support

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 


Job description/overview: 

As the Records and Information Coordinator you will provide the GLSC with expertise and high level organisational skills that will implement a sustainable records systems for the retention, access, storage and disposal of information that meets stringent legal requirements. This role requires the recording of complete, up to date, correct, secure and accessible information for retrieval of information and records by other staff across the organisation.

This position will develop and coordinate a centralised indexing and archiving service in line with the GLSC's information and physical security standards and related procedures and policies for its upkeep. In addition this role will ensure that all records across the organisation are moved from physical/paper based records to electronic storage solutions.

This role is pivotal to the upkeep of pertinent legal and confidential research information related to high level court proceedings and sometimes sensitive and interpretative materials. The Records and Information Coordinator will be required to extrapolate information and manage it in a way that identifies its priority to a research or legal project.

Key accountabilities

  1. Manage the GLSC Information and Record management system both physical and electronical to ensure efficient and effective service delivery, with easy retrieval processes;
  2. Identify records management needs and contribute towards operational and administrative efficiencies;
  3. Develop and implement procedures and systems across the organisation for professional record management;
  4. Ensure compliance with information management legislation and standards of the organisation;
  5. Provide high level advice to department managers on the management and workflow of corporate information and records in a dynamic environment;
  6. Be able to interpret highly sensitive and legal records and research documents to determine best practice record storage solutions and information retrieval; and
  7. Provide support and training to staff across the organisation in information and records management protocols.

Primary responsibilities

  • Move all physical records, information and files to an electronic storage system in a timely and systematic manner.
  • Enter, record, and retrieve all of the organisation’s legal and research records to highly professional standard.
  • Arrange records and information in a way that meets the requirement of the legal profession.
  • Coordinate the evaluation, development, implementation, maintenance and review of all organisational records management including policies, procedures, standards, industry trends, systems and guidelines in accordance with organisational requirements.
  • Plan the development of records management systems, procedures and policies and ensure that the protecting, filing and retrieving of such records occurs in a uniform process across the organisation.
  • Update and record all paper records and reports to e-formats.
  • Create e- folders/systems for users to undertake research that allows users to access research portals and programs efficiently and that stores any updates to research undertaken.
  • Initiate and hold regular meetings with the department managers to review processes and respond to feedback on storage, access and retrieval issues.
  • Provide regular reports to the CEO on managing the information and records across the organisation, including improvements, access issues and efficiencies implemented.
  • Be innovative about new methods that can increase user efficiencies.
  • Be value-conscious about making decisions that impact on the interfaces/software for storing data.
  • Conduct regular evaluation and review of the information and records management system.
  • Adapt to changing physical environments, work with differing levels of technology and keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations.
  • Work autonomously and be self-motivated to meet responsibilities and accountabilities of this role.
  • Plan and commit to timelines for completion deadlines of set projects.
  • Manage IT storage to high standards that ensure reduction of risks to malware, viruses and/or IT related issues that could cause disruption to workflows and/or threats to stored data.
  • Liaise closely with the Administration Manager about suitable IT solutions and storage requirements, and approval processes.
  • Develop systems of record and information storage that allow for varying levels of access across the organisation.
  • Actively train staff on new systems and processes.
  • Participate in staff induction programs as required.
  • Report any IT disruptions, problems or issues to the Administration Manager.
  • Maintain and assure the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle.
  • Ensure that the computing systems, the security controls used to protect it and the communication channels used to access it, functioning correctly all the time, thus making information available in all situations.
  • Ensure that formal information access requests and complaints are dealt with according to approved procedures.
  • Undertake other tasks as prescribed by the Administration Manager and/or CEO.


GLSC employees are to be physically fit and healthy to enable them to complete the inherent requirements of this position. While performing some duties for this role, the employee is regularly required to stand or sit for extended periods of time.

The employee may also be required to travel for this role and may be expected to work away from based for periods of up to 5 days (working week). Travel arrangements are made in accord with the GLSC policies.

This position is available subject to continued funding.

Selection criteria


  • a minimum Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems – additional Honours study will be highly regarded;
  • professional membership with RIM Professionals Australasia;
  • previous experience will be highly regarded, but not essential;
  • comprehensive knowledge in developing legal information management practices, resources and methodologies;
  • strong skills in developing electronic research storage solutions;
  • ability to interpret complex legal and court proceedings to ensure files are stored accurately;
  • ability to interpret sensitive research and extrapolate key themes to ensure accuracy of storage and ease of retrieval;
  • willingness to seek advice when needed;
  • excellent technological/computer skills;
  • highly organised;
  • excellent administrative skills;
  • ability to train staff;
  • ability to develop well-thought out procedures;
  • ability to accept constructive feedback;
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills; including the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with Aboriginal people;
  • ability to adhere to confidentiality and privacy requirements;
  • ability to form and develop relationships;
  • maintain confidence and discretion;
  • work methodically, accurately and neatly;
  • strong time management skills with the ability to prioritise tasks;
  • commitment to continuous improvement and CPD; and
  • commitment to following GLSC policies and procedures including work health and safety.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should possess the following qualities and skills:

  • analytical
  • problem-solving
  • relationship-building
  • co-operation
  • team spirit
  • leadership
  • change management
  • delegation
  • quality assurance
  • cost-consciousness
  • diversity
  • ethics and respect
  • strategic thinking
  • good judgment
  • motivation
  • professionalism
  • dependability and punctuality
  • innovation
  • initiative
  • safety-consciousness

Contact person and how to apply: 

Adminstration Manager

ph 08 9091 1661

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