Chief executive officer

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation

KMAC was established in 2013 as a corporate entity for the Kuruma and Marthudunera people. The Kuruma and Marthudunera people have traditional rights to an area covering nearly 16,000 square kilometres in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. KMAC is pivotal in progressing the broader interests of the Kuruma and Marthudunera people and in representing them in their dea lings with governments and private industry. KMAC has an advanced Board led by a Traditional Owner as a Chair and an independent Director. KMAC has strong processes, advanced relationships with stakeholders.

Closing date: 

5pm, 27 July 2017


Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)


Western Australia

Job category: 

  • Executive

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 

$180,000 per annum

A competitive remuneration package including housing, motor vehicle, relocation contribution will be negotiated with the successful candidate.

Job description/overview: 

We are seeking a passionate and outcomes driven CEO who in addition to their duties as CEO, will 'teach' and share their knowledge with others. KMAC believe that this investment of time and energy will develop future managers and leaders from the Indigenous community as well as others in the employee of KMAC, leaving a legacy of competent people and results.

Duties include the following:

  • Provide strategic direction, leadership and management of KMAC in order to maximise the realisation of the Kuruma and Marthudunera people's vision, values and strategic goals.
  • Lead a small but focused team of professional managers and staff, characterised by its constructive, collaborative and innovative culture.
  • Secure and manage the K&M people's native title rights and interests and the Corporation's human, physical and financial resources, and ensuring that the K&M peoples' culture and heritage are recorded, protected and shared in the community.
  • Provide advice to the KMAC and KML boards of directors on strategic positioning, economic development opportunities and managing the K&M peoples' prescribed body corporate when it officially comes into being.
  • Engage with K&M community and all other stakeholders.
  • Negotiate and represent KMAC with all stakeholders whilst maintaining strong long-term positive relationships.

The ideal candidate has:

  • previous Indigenous working experience as a leader, stakeholder or community member
  • understanding of and respect for K&M people’s lore and culture, and an interest in learning more
  • tertiary qualifications appropriate to the role
  • advanced financial literacy as well as the ability to translate and add meaning for those without the same level of financial literacy.
  • a history of making sound decisions and strong skills in strategic, operational and financial management to identify, plan and execute strategic activities.
  • a history of creating strategy and implementation via an engaging and compelling leadership style.

Contact person and how to apply: 

Meelup Management is partnering with the KMAC board to conduct the selection process and can ensure privacy and confidentiality in relation to all enquiries from local, interstate and overseas candidates.

Please send your résumé and cover letter outlining your specific qualifications, relevant experience and why you believe you are ideally suited to this opportunity to

Alternatively you can call +61 (0) 418 914 862 for a confidential discussion of your suitability for this role.

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