Chief Executive Officer

Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation

The Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation (KSGAC) is a community-owned and controlled organisation that consists of members of the stolen generations and their families in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The corporation offers activities, projects, and services that acknowledge the experience of members of the stolen generations and help them to come to terms with it. The corporation has a Link-up service that organises reunions and other activities for people of the stolen generation across the Kimberley.

Closing date: 

11pm, 4 September 2016


Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)


Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation (KSGAC) is located in Broome,
Western Australia

Type of vacancy: 

Full time

Salary and conditions: 

$100,000 - $120,000

Job description/overview: 

The CEO of KSGAC in partnership with the board of directors is responsible for the success of the corporation. Together, the board and CEO assure KSGAC’s relevance to the community, the accomplishment of KSGAC’s mission and vision, and the accountability of KSGAC to its diverse constituents.

The CEO will have experience in organisational leadership, highly developed decision-making capacity, and a commitment to maintaining a high quality range of programs and services for clients.

Contact person and how to apply: 

To obtain the selection documentation and application processes, please request a copy of the Applicant’s Job Pack by email:

Should you require any further information regarding the position, please contact Tania Bin Bakar or Silvia Lockwood on (08) 9193 6502 or 1800 830 338.

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