Independent member

PKKP Trust Decision Making Committee

Closing date: 

6am, 7 August 2015


Pilbara (Karratha and Onslow)
Western Australia
Commitment to attend meetings on quarterly basis

Job description/overview: 

The role of the Decision Making Committee (DMC) is to:

  • review the Trustee’s compliance and provide recommendations to the Trustee on how it fulfils its obligations under the Trust Deeds.
  • provide recommendations to the Trustee as to the fulfilment of the Trust Objects.
  • assist the Trustee to manage its relationships and liaise with the PKKP People, the PKKP Council & the PKKP Aboriginal Corporation.
  • foster mutual respect and cooperation between the PKKP People, the PKKP Council, the Trustee & the PKKP Aboriginal Corporation.
  • develop the executive capacity and community development functions of the Executive Office.

The role of an independent member is to:

  •  provide financial management and corporate governance advice and support in relation to the trusts.
  •  demonstrate a commitment to high standards of corporate governance and ethics; and
  •  to act as a mentor to members of the Committee on financial and corporate governance matters.

Contact person and how to apply: 

To submit your expression of interest or to make inquiries about the position please contact Shari Freeman, Trust Manager—Native Title, Perpetual, at — or call (08) 9224 4409

More information: 

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