IPS - Operational information

Under subsection 8A(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) (as in force from 1 May 2011), the 'operational information' of an agency is:

... information held by the agency to assist the agency to perform or exercise the agency's functions or powers in making decisions or recommendations affecting members of the public (or any particular person or entity, or class of persons or entities).

Such information can include:

  • Documents available to agency officers to assist them make decisions or recommendations under legislation or schemes that the agency administers;
  • The decision or recommendation concerns a right, privilege or benefit of a member of the public, or an obligation, penalty or detriment to which a person may be subject;
  • The document is in the nature of a manual, or contains an interpretation, rule, guideline, practice or precedent, including a letter of advice; the particulars of a scheme administered by the agency; a statement as to how legislation or a scheme will be administered or enforced; or a procedure followed by the agency in investigating breaches or evasions of legislation and schemes.

Details about the roles and functions of the Registrar and ORIC can be found in the CATSI Act and on the Registrar's website.

The documents listed as operational information, where they have not been published for downloading on the Registrar's website, can be made available to members of the public by contacting ORIC's freedom of information coordinator. Charges may apply where requests are made for information that is already available for downloading from the Registrar's website. The charges are published in the Freedom of Information (Charges) Regulations 1982.

If you have a general enquiry about operational information or a query about a particular document please contact:

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinator

Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
PO Box 2029 Woden ACT 2606
Telephone: 1800 622 431
Email: info@oric.gov.au

Listing of ORIC's operational information

Corporate governance
Healthy corporation checklist
Regulation and deregistration
Corporation jobs

In addition, on occasions the Registrar may release further information to the public that does not fall specifically within the provisions of subsection 8(2) of the FOI Act. Such information can be found either under the Publications tab or through a search of the Registrar’s website. The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) is within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).