Self-help for corporations

Communicate with your stakeholders

We know that COVID-19 may affect your corporation’s operations or even prevent you from providing some services. It’s important your corporation keeps everyone informed of what it is doing. Some examples:

  • changes to services—eg operating hours, range of services available
  • contracted services—if you have a contract to deliver services or goods (from a funding body or third party) let the other party know if there will be any impact on your ability to fulfil the contract terms
  • money already received—if you’ve had to cancel services or events where people have paid money it’s important that you are transparent about what you’re going to do with the money—eg whether you’ll refund it and how, or that you’re holding it until you can reschedule the event

Ensure your corporate affairs are in order

The Australian Government has announced a range of measures to support organisations through the crisis and wants to work as efficiently as possible to help your corporation access the support it needs and figure out how else we may be able to support you. But doing this well relies on good information. The information gathered in registers and through reports is used to target and provide important community services.

Before you map out a crisis response plan there are some tasks you should take care of. These are things you can do to ensure government agencies know who to talk with about supporting you, as well as minimise unnecessary delays to assessing your claims for support.

Tasks to do now

Update your registered information to ensure:

  • the right people have the right permissions to act on your corporation's behalf
  • government agencies can contact you
  • no unnecessary delays to your applications for support or funding from government agencies.

Update your corporation information

Check your corporation's contact details, ABN and directors are up-to-date on the public register ('Find a corporation' tool on the left). Make changes at

Check your ABN registration is correct

Search ABN Lookup to check the entity name shown accurately matches your legal entity name. Update your ABN details at

Lodge any overdue reports or payments

Help us understand if there's a problem in your financies or performance that you may need help with.

  • Lodge any overdue CATSI Act reports with ORIC (general report, financial report and/or directors' report). If you're a registered charity we'll pass this information to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
  • Lodge any overdue income tax returns with the Australian Tax Office.
  • Negotiate a payment plan for overdue superannuation payments while there's an amnesty.

Lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS)

The BAS deadline for those who report quarterly was Tuesday, 28 April (for the January, February and March quarter). If you lodge BAS online you have an extra two weeks. It's important to lodge your BAS on time. The ATO uses information in your BAS to help work out if you're eligible for a range of support measures. For example, they may use it to check the impact of the pandemic on your corporation's turnover.

Plan for online meetings and meeting-free decision-making

See our guidance on tools and techniques for online meetings and online AGMs.