Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance (BSB50220)

This qualification supersedes and is equivalent to BSB50715 - Diploma of Business (Governance). It is part of a national accredited training package developed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who wish to improve their corporate governance and management skills.

The diploma is designed specifically for not-for-profit board/committee members, and the staff (CEOs and senior staff) who work alongside them. This qualification reflects the role of individuals who contribute their skills and knowledge to leading, monitoring and guiding the activities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. Individuals in these roles operate in two worlds; they have cultural obligations to their community as well as legal and financial obligations to the wider community and funding bodies.

What the course covers

To complete full qualification participants must complete 12 units (7 core units plus 5 elective units). participants who have completed the Certificate IV Business (Governance) will receive 2 units of credit towards the diploma qualification. Units that will be delivered in this course are:

Core units:

  • BSBATSIC412 Maintain and protect cultural values in the organisation*
  • BSBATSIL411 Undertake the roles and responsibilities of a board member*
  • BSBATSIL510 Appoint and work with a manager
  • BSBATSIL511 Lead the organisation's strategic planning cycle
  • BSBATSIL503 Manage conflict
  • BSBATSIM505 Control organisational finances
  • BSBATSIM506 Develop employment policies

Elective units:

  • BSBATSIC511 Plan and conduct a community meeting
  • BSBATSIL512 Be a leader in the community
  • BSBATSIM511 Develop enterprise opportunities
  • BSBATSIW514 Represent your organisation
  • BSBATSIW515 Secure funding

How the course is delivered

This course goes for 10 months with an additional 2 months of trainer support available to participants to help them complete assessments. 

You will need to actively participate in:

  • two 4-hour webinar sessions per month (week 1 and week 2 of every month)
  • a weekly email check-in
  • a phone call with the trainer at the end of each month

Ad hoc support will also be available to participants if required.



ORIC is funding a registered training organisation to run this course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are directors of corporations registered under the CATSI Act.

*ORIC will cover the tuition costs for selected current directors of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation. ORIC does not pay sitting fees nor do we provide IT equipment.

Entry requirements

Applications are welcome from all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander directors of corporations registered under the CATSI Act.

The qualification has no entry requirements. Preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:


Both prospective and current members of boards are eligible for enrolment, though some deep knowledge of a not-for-profit organisation is highly desirable.

To be accepted for enrolment into this course, participants must:

  • have time to read, prepare and reflect on fundamental governance principles
  • have the ability to attend and actively participate in the training
  • commit to completing all competency-based assessment within twelve months of commencement into training (you must complete one unit of assessment per month)
  • commit to transferring the knowledge gained to your corporation once the course is completed.

You must also have access to the internet, computer or tablet and a phone.

You will be required to complete a language, literacy and numeracy assessment to allow the trainers to determine any educational and support services to help you complete the qualification.

Things to think about

Can you commit the time to participate? Attending the course requires you to commit time to attend webinars, engage with the trainers as well as complete assessments.

  • If you are employed you will need to show us that your application is supported by your employer.
  • You will also need support from your family and community to help you balance your other responsibilities.

Do you have access to the internet, computer or tablet and a phone?

Are you willing to engage, work with and learn from other participants?

It is expected that participants will show respect to themselves, other participants and the trainer.

Upcoming courses

There is no upcoming training scheduled for this course.