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  1. JOB2009-10_Burringurrah.doc

    Administrative Support Officer/Office Manager Telecentre Manager and Women’s Centre Coordinator Accountant Any ... for the efficient operation of the BCAC office complex, workshop area, telecentre, Women’s Centre, accommodation ... and tourism markets. Development of a regional transaction centre offering multiple functions suitable

    Available at: CEO

    Created: 28 June 2013

  2. ISS-2200A_200811_Contact.pdf

    and/or contact details ISS 2200A (Design date 11/08) Page 1 of 3 IMPORTANT — Please read the information ... ISS 2200A (Design date 11/08) Name of corporation1 Page 2 of 3 Indigenous Corporation Number (ICN) ... 5 years imprisonment, or both. Full name Declaration5 Date ISS 2200A (Design date 11/08) Note:

    Available at: Notification of a change to corporation address and/or contact details

    Created: 24 June 2013

  3. Interview-with-Registrar_Feb2008.pdf

    generation. Others provide important community economic activity—art and craft centres are a typical example. ... outposted to the Indigenous Coordination Centre in Kununurra for a period of 9 months. ORACLE Do you have ... of corporations we regulate it is not practical or cost effective to have offi ces located in every centre. What

    Available at: Interview with Registrar

    Created: 24 June 2013


    and Settings\glenw\Desktop\Submission GREEN PAPER ATTACHMENT B.doc 26/11/03 1 Attachment B Summary of proposed reforms to the Aboriginal ... C:\Documents and Settings\glenw\Desktop\Submission GREEN PAPER ATTACHMENT B.doc 26/11/03 2 Proposed Reforms ... and Settings\glenw\Desktop\Submission GREEN PAPER ATTACHMENT B.doc 26/11/03 3 3. Membership a. The current requirement for corporations

    Available at: The Queensland Community Governance Green Paper

    Created: 25 June 2013

  5. ORIC 09_10 Yearbook_acc.pdf

    Report 2009–2010 in compliance with paragraph 11.1(ba) of the Commonwealth’s Legal Services Directions

    Available at: ORIC yearbook 2009–10

    Created: 13 June 2013

  6. ORICMR1213-25_Registrar-obtains-further-convictions-for-non-lodgment.pdf

    corporations have recently been convicted and fined for not lodging their annual returns for the 2010–11 ... 2006. To date, the Registrar’s campaign for the 2010–11 financial year has resulted in the prosecution

    Available at: Registrar obtains further convictions for non-lodgment

    Created: 11 June 2013

  7. ORICMR1011-10-Yamatji-special-administrator.PDF

    On 16 August 2010, 11 members of the corporation wrote to the Registrar to make an urgent request

    Available at: Registrar puts Carnarvon based corporation under special administration

    Created: 12 June 2013

  8. ORICMR1011-14_legislative_protection_mary_mackillop_v1-0.DOC

    with Mary MacKillop. The changes are in line with the Prime Minister’s announcement on 11 October 2010

    Available at: Legislative protection for the name Mary MacKillop

    Created: 12 June 2013

  9. ORICMR1011-30_Carnarvon-amalgamated-corporation2.pdf

    of the corporations requested assistance from the Registrar. Media contact: Christa de Jager 02 6219 7611 11 May 2011

    Available at: Securing long-term benefits for the Aboriginal people of Carnarvon

    Created: 12 June 2013

  10. ORICMR0910-22_Sandhills_v1-0.pdf

    farm, three houses and an office building. Directors from the corporation wrote to the Registrar on 11

    Available at: NSW Aboriginal corporation asks for Registrar's help

    Created: 12 June 2013