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  1. ORICMR1314-07_Cloncurry-corporation-back-under-special-admin.pdf

    the corporation or protecting its publicly-funded assets I have decided to appoint a special administrator,’ said

    Available at: Cloncurry corporation back under special administration

    Created: 9 November 2013

  2. 2012-12-4_speech_good-governance_JoeMastrolembo_powerpt.pdf

    and Australian society. In recognition of this, ORIC will continue to increase public confidence in the standards ... holding Most are publicly funded but many generate significant private income e.g. linked to mining

    Available at: Good governance in Indigenous corporations

    Created: 14 June 2013

  3. ORICMR1011-5 WDPAC.pdf

    details about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations on the public register,’ said ... The matter is being prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Contact Patricia Gibson

    Available at: Corporation charged for not lodging reports

    Created: 12 June 2013

  4. ORICMR1011-11_successful_prosecution.pdf

    and reliability of the public database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations,’ said the Registrar ... by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. For further information about reporting obligations see ORIC’s

    Available at: Corporation fined for not lodging annual reports

    Created: 12 June 2013

  5. ORICMR0910-15_yearbook2008-09_v1-0.pdf

    Corporations have shown an increased commitment to governance and public disclosure,’ Mr Beven said. ‘Improved ... reporting increases the accuracy and reliability of the information on ORIC’s public database. My office

    Available at: Yearbook indicates Indigenous corporation reporting up 13 per cent

    Created: 12 June 2013

  6. ORICMR1112-20_Former_Yuendumu_women_s_centre_CEO_faces_charges.pdf

    false documents with the intention of dishonestly influencing a Commonwealth public official ... are Warlpiri. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is prosecuting the matter. Media contact: Lisa

    Available at: Former Yuendumu women's centre CEO faces charges

    Created: 11 June 2013

  7. Running a corporation

    with ORIC put the ICN on all public documents, such as letterhead and cheques. The Registrar provides

    Created: 6 June 2013

  8. 13_0087_Oracle-August_2013_v1-0_WEB.pdf

    different communities scattered across 100,000 square kilometres. ‘We maintain the public areas ... For more information see ORIC’s media release of 21 June 2013 at under ‘publications’. Now

    Available at: August 2013: Chairing meetings

    Created: 21 November 2013

  9. Agency plan

    1982 (FOI Act) and is required to comply with the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requirements. ... of the IPS. This is in recognition that public sector information is a national resource managed for public ... The IPS Working Group has coordinated the collection and publication of information required

    Created: 28 June 2013

  10. JOB2013-07_ICN3623_CEO_Ad.doc

    for the betterment of the Corporation, its staff, and its activities. Develop, implement and maintain public ... relations and other activities to maximise public awareness and community standing of the corporation ... and its activities. Liase with Radio Development Manager re: budget, programming, public relations

    Available at: Chief executive officer

    Created: 15 November 2013