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  1. 17_0034_ORIC Performance measurement framework_v1-0 without RPF_low res.pdf

    and in the Registrar’s yearbook and other publications • in our portfolio agency’s annual report • through media releases ... lodgment of corporation reports Examinations and investigations conducted Complaints and disputes assessed ... Provide guidance • provide information, publications and resources on good corporate governance

    Available at: ORIC performance measurement framework

    Created: 12 May 2017

  2. Corporation directors convicted for failing to produce documents

    needed to finalise the investigation. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions prosecuted

    Media Release | Created: 19 October 2017

  3. Solicitor

    of stakeholders across the public and private sectors and draw upon strong communication and people skills

    Created: 9 January 2018

  4. Former Kimberley CEO sentenced on dishonesty charges

    of Public Prosecutions. Background See the Registrar’s previous media releases of: 1 May 2017 MR1617-20:

    Media Release | Created: 20 October 2017

  5. interpret complaint-how-to.pdf

    corporations How to interpret complaint statistics Introduction One of the functions of the Registrar ... Strait Islander corporations How to interpret complaint statistics ... interpret complaint-how-to.pdf Complaints involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

    Available at: How to interpret complaint statistics

    Created: 6 January 2016

  6. Deputy principal lawyer

    Service clients. You will deal with a wide range of stakeholders across the public and private sectors

    Created: 4 January 2018

  7. Community safety & wellbeing worker

    and data management systems, including the capacity to write reports, collect statistics and data,

    Created: 18 December 2017

  8. Social worker

    the capacity to write reports and collect statistical data. Knowledge and commitment to policy, practice

    Created: 18 December 2017

  9. Service-charter_2009_v3-1.pdf

    • record public information about corporations • help corporations with complaints and provide mediation ... to enforce this law. ORIC maintains a public Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations. ... The public register provides useful information about corporations and can be accessed from our website. Who

    Available at: Service charter

    Created: 2 December 2016

  10. ORIC-review-final-report_Dec-2016.pdf

    that publications such as the Top 500 report, statistics on corporations entering external administration, ... and the overview of complaints are released with analysis that shows how they are part of ORIC’s work to ensure ... it understands its regulatory environment, and articulate how each publication informs ORIC’s regulatory approach

    Available at: Regulating Indigenous Corporations

    Created: 7 July 2017