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  1. Performance reporting

    ORIC Performance measurement framework cover In 2016–17 ORIC developed a formal performance ... governance and trust in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sector—our outcomes. In May 2017 ORIC ... of reference review ORIC staff work levels and capability develop an annual forum for senior government staff

    Created: 18 December 2017

  2. Benefits flow from top 500 success

    and community services sector continued to be the largest with 202 (40.4 per cent) of the top 500 corporations ... operating in this sector. One of these corporations is Danila Dilba Biluru Butji Binnilutlum Health Service ... Aboriginal Corporation. Danila Dilba provides culturally-appropriate health care services to Aboriginal

    Media Release | Created: 7 November 2017

  3. ORICMR1718-14_Lyons-found-guilty_v1-0.pdf

    ORICMR1718-14_Lyons-found-guilty_v1-0.pdf ORIC media release: Former CEO of Wagga medial services ... 2606 | ABN: 18 108 001 191 Freecall: 1800 622 431 (not free from mobiles) | Email: info@oric ... | FORMER CEO OF WAGGA MEDICAL SERVICE FOUND GUILTY AND CONVICTED Ms Selena Lyons, the former chief

    Available at: Former CEO of Wagga medical service found guilty and convicted

    Created: 22 November 2017

  4. MOU_TSRA-ORIC-NNTT_executed-2-Aug-2017.pdf

    Corporations (ORIC) supports the Registrar to regulate and deliver services to corporations registered under ... MOU_TSRA-ORIC-NNTT_executed-2-Aug-2017.pdf Âustralian Gor¡ernmmt Offlce of the Registrar ... (TSRA). ORIC, NNTT and the TSRA (the agencies) acknowledge that disputes arise from time to time

    Available at: MOU with National Native Title Tribunal and Torres Strait Regional Authority

    Created: 10 August 2017

  5. LawHelp

    with native title claims through funded native title representative bodies (NTRBs) and native title service ... to give advice because of a conflict of interest or other issue. If ORIC's LawHelp service is unable ... 431 (not free from mobiles) or email Seeking legal help LawHelp can help you

    Created: 7 November 2017

  6. 2015–16 Yearbook Overview

    their annual reports ORIC services • 9473 documents and inquiries processed • answered 9040 telephone calls ... seeking information and advice • 28 corporations applied through LawHelp for free legal assistance • 10 ... corporations requested help in recruiting suitable candidates for senior roles through ORA (ORIC recruitment

    Available at: ORIC yearbook 2015–16

    Created: 27 April 2017

  7. 17_0068_Oracle_Supply-Nation_A4web.pdf

    or services that governments or companies need we want to connect you with them through Supply Nation’s ... sales (as opposed to grants/royalties—however, if your corporation sells goods or services through ... 17_0068_Oracle_Supply-Nation_A4web.pdf ORIC and Supply Nation are collaborating to ensure

    Available at: Making decisions

    Created: 27 September 2017

  8. Information and resources

    the Registrar added to the range of ‘free services’ accessible through the ORIC website, ... is the Registrar’s website It’s the face of ORIC. There are a number of resources and services ... through corporation reports to ORIC. National Native Title Conference The Registrar attended the annual

    Yearbook section | Created: 28 November 2016

  9. The top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations 2015–16

    This is ORIC's ninth report on the top 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

    Top 500 report | Created: 7 November 2017

  10. Registrar acts to support native title group

    ‘The special administrators will assist the Juru people and their native title corporation through ... 2018. Media contact Lisa Hugg (02) 6146 4738 ORIC MR1718-06 18 October 2017

    Media Release | Created: 17 October 2017