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  1. PS-30_Effect-of-invalid-appointment-of-directors_v1-0 FINAL.pdf

    Relevant legislative provisions CATSI Act Divisions 104, 246, 249, 279 CATSI Act section 683-1 Last updated ... (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (the CATSI Act) unless otherwise specified. References ... and • the appointment complies with the procedures set out in the CATSI Act and the corporation’s rule book. 2.2

    Available at: PS-30 Effect of invalid appointment of directors

    Created: 23 October 2018

  2. factsheet_corporations_act_(12_0157)_A4.pdf

    factsheet_corporations_act_(12_0157)_A4.pdf Fact sheet The CATSI Act and the Corporations Act —some ... differences The Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) is based ... on the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) but in many important ways it is different. The CATSI Act takes

    Available at: The CATSI Act and the Corporations Act—some differences

    Created: 27 August 2014

  3. Healthy corporations checklist_v4-0.pdf

    the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). Have you complied with this? Fees 7. ... of more than two years? Note: this is not allowed under the CATSI Act, unless the Registrar has granted ... in a general meeting, was the director properly removed (see CATSI Act, section 249-10)? • if a director

    Available at: Healthy corporation checklist

    Created: 22 November 2018

  4. EXAMPLE_Delegation of directors powers_lodging reports and changes.docx

    their powers Section 274-10 of the CATSI Act allows directors to pass a resolution to delegate any

    Available at: Example: Directors' delegation to lodge information and changes with the Registrar

    Created: 31 October 2018

  5. Warka Wiru, win, win

    CDP is a really important program for A n angu. We saw this opportunity to act for and with our

    Spotlight on | Created: 27 September 2018

  6. Mike Fordham appointed Acting Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

    as Acting Registrar of Indigenous Corporations on 14 April 2018. Mr Fordham brings to the role extensive

    Created: 10 May 2018

  7. Former CEO of Palm Island corporation fined for misusing position

    (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. On 6 November 2014, Mr Beattie attended a charity event run ... for the Clipsal 500 event. The Acting Registrar, Mr Mike Fordham, stated that ‘Mr Beattie purchased these tickets

    Media Release | Created: 17 September 2018

  8. NSW child care and protection provider under special administration

    The acting Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Mike Fordham, has today placed the Ngunya Jarjum ... and Protection) Act 1998. Based in Lismore, it provides culturally appropriate long-term, short-term, voluntary, ... is compromised and important services may be at risk.’ The acting Registrar has appointed Peter McQuoid from PDM

    Media Release | Created: 10 September 2018

  9. Registrar acts to support native title group

    The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed the Kyburra Munda Yalga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC under special administration. Established in 2011, the corporation is based in Townsville, Queensland. The corporation manages t

    Media Release | Created: 17 October 2017

  10. Get-in-on-the-Act_DLbooklet_Jan2010.pdf

    about the CATSI Act isavailable from the ORIC website and in publications such as:  a regular ...  an overview of the CATSI Act  the legislation itself and the other related laws that support it  a detailed ... inal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 200 6 (the CATSI Act) is the law that go verns Aboriginal

    Available at: Get in on the Act

    Created: 14 June 2013