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  1. Group work facillitator

    Strait Islander designated and authorised under section 14D of the NSW Anti-Discrimination ACT 1977

    Created: 3 July 2018

  2. selection criteria.docx

    is a genuine occupational qualification and authorised by Section 14(d) of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977

    Available at: Counsellor

    Created: 2 July 2018

  3. Position description.docx

    assessments and other relevant research activities. Ensure feedback on service delivery is obtained and acted ... Care Act, Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act, Health Services Act, WH&S Act Current NSW

    Available at: Aged and Community Care Manager

    Created: 29 June 2018

  4. How to transfer to CATSI from SA v5-0_2014-08.pdf

    (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act)). This is a joint publication by the Office ... the association would operate better under the CATSI Act and ORIC (e.g. the CATSI Act would be more appropriate ... legislation; there are other similar bodies incorporated under the CATSI Act; it can operate nationally; and 75

    Available at: Transfer to CATSI (SA) brochure

    Created: 22 August 2014

  5. Prosecution outcome for Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

    Corporation RNTBC Thursday Island Magistrates Court Queensland s. 348-1(1) CATSI Act Charge proven ... but discharged without conviction under s. 19B Crimes Act 1914

    Created: 28 March 2018

  6. ORICMR1415-14_Greater-choice-of-auditors-for-CATSI-corporations.pdf

    ORICMR1415-14_Greater-choice-of-auditors-for-CATSI-corporations.pdf REGISTRAR PUTS CARNARVON BASED ... CORPORATION UNDER SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION PO Box 2029, Woden ACT 2606 | Level 1, Centraplaza, 16 Bowes Place, ... Woden ACT 2606 | ABN: 18 108 001 191 Freecall: 1800 622 431 | Fax: (02) 6133 8080 | Email:

    Available at: Greater choice of auditors for CATSI corporations

    Created: 3 November 2014

  7. Ability Linker

    as outlined under Section 8(1) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.   Position description This page

    Created: 21 June 2018

  8. PD Ability Linker June 2018.docx

    is a prohibition as outlined under Section 8(1) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Document1 SCMSAC ICN 182

    Available at: Ability Linker

    Created: 21 June 2018

  9. NSW Aboriginal housing provider in special administration

    The acting Deputy Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Gerrit Wanganeen, has today placed ... the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 which helps corporations to fix their problems.

    Media Release | Created: 13 April 2018

  10. ORICMR1213-22_Congress_CATSI.pdf

    Strait Islander Act) 2006 (CATSI Act). The transfer from the Northern Territory’s Associations Act 2003 ... to the CATSI Act occurred yesterday after it was approved at the Congress annual general meeting in Alice ... advantages in registering under the CATSI Act.’ Some of the benefits for Congress incorporating under

    Available at: Congress crosses to CATSI

    Created: 11 June 2013