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  1. 17_0081_FACTSHEET--Directors-duties_web-A4singles.pdf

    and other offi cers of a corporaƟ on, such as a duty of loyalty and a duty of care. The CATSI Act also ... to the corporaƟ on’s members—and also to stakeholders. The CATSI Act also extends the scope of some directors’ duƟ ... and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) sets out the duƟ es required of directors and other offi

    Available at: Duties of directors and other officers

    Created: 17 September 2017

  2. Alice Springs

    Club transfer its incorporation to the CATSI Act. The Yuendumu Social Club committee would maintain its ... Aboriginal Corporation was registered under the CATSI Act, and Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council Aboriginal ... Passionate about wanting the best for the corporation, they asked for support to regain control. Dayna

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  3. Registering

    meet with the group to discuss options and determine whether registering under the CATSI Act ... that are incorporated under alternative legislation, and considering transferring their registration to the CATSI Act ... develop a constitution (rule book) that is consistent with the CATSI Act. Draft rule books ORIC recommends

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  4. Yearbook2005-06_3_about_16pp.pdf

    of decisions  supporting the CATSI Act implementation Managing the Public Register of Indigenous Corporations ... for Indigenous people in accordance with the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976. The CATSI Act A new ... services are: > providing accessible information about corporations incorporated under the ACA Act

    Available at: ORAC yearbook 2005–06

    Created: 13 June 2013

  5. August 2009: End of CATSI Act transition period

    ONLINE: © 2012 ORIC August 2009: End of CATSI Act transition period August, 2009

    Created: 20 June 2013

  6. Yearbook2004-05_4_About.pdf

    Yearbook2004-05_4_About.pdf untitled 7ORAC YEARBOOK 2004–05 About ORAC ORAC’s objective To support ... with the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976 (ACA Act). We aim to deliver our services in a way that takes ... of Australian and international best practice on sound corporate governance. What is ORAC? The ACA Act

    Available at: ORAC yearbook 2004–05

    Created: 13 June 2013

  7. Cairns

    with the CATSI Act, it was time to meet with the membership to discuss and, hopefully, gain their support ... and the Torres Strait for the past 10 years. Ray is excited about the opportunity to make a positive contribution

    Yearbook section | Created: 20 December 2017

  8. Special administrations: what funding agencies, creditors and employees should know

    of the CATSI Act. Complaints or concerns about a special administrator If a funding agency, creditor ... special administrations under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI ... is a special measure under the CATSI Act. It is different to a voluntary administration under the Corporations

    CATSI fact sheet | Created: 14 June 2013

  9. Registrar acts to support native title group

    The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, has today placed the Kyburra Munda Yalga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC under special administration. Established in 2011, the corporation is based in Townsville, Queensland. The corporation manages t

    Media Release | Created: 17 October 2017

  10. Victorian native title corporation handed back to members

    The Acting Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Joe Mastrolembo, has today announced the end ... of the issues that were disrupting operations and driving complaints about the governance of the corporation. ... the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Vic) was cancelled when the special administrator was appointed. Now

    Media Release | Created: 16 January 2018